Video conferencing Procedures

Video Conferencing lessons led by teachers may take place during the current school closure. It is one tool that teachers in McEgan College may use to support the continuity of learning for our students and to enable teachers and students to have more face to face communication and engagement during a closure.

In order to ensure that these video conferencing lessons happen in an effective, appropriate and productive manner, we are putting in place the following procedures.

We expect full cooperation of all students with these procedures and ask parents to support the school with this, in the best interests of students.

1. Appropriate clothing should be worn during the lessons - items of clothing such as pyjamas are not appropriate.

2. Students should be prepared for the lesson - this means having pens, books, copies or any items required before the lesson begins.

3. Students should sit at a desk/table/counter - top or a similar solid work surface during the lesson where possible - not on beds, floors, couches etc.

4. Students should mute their mics on entering the video Conference to avoid echo and general disturbance of the lesson.

5. Students should not leave the Video Conference until it has officially ended. Students should not move around the room or make distracting noises that interrupts the lesson for themselves and/or other students. Students should mute their microphones unless they need to communicate or are asked to communicate during the video conference.

6. School Policies are effective during school related activities such as Video Conferences. In particular, students should pay attention to the following policies which apply during school related Videoconferences;

· ● Code of Behaviour

· ● Internet Acceptable Use Policy(currently in review)

· ● Anti-Bullying Policy

· ● Data Protection Policy

The above policies are available on the school website.

7. No recording of any kind is permitted during a Videoconference by students.

Recording during Video Conference Lessons is strictly prohibited and this prohibition includes capturing still images, video recording and audio recording.

8. An individual teacher may record the lesson and provide students with a copy after the lesson for review of topics covered or for viewing by absent students for use in education/learning only.The Teacher will make it know to the students that the lesson is being recorded.

9. Polite, patient and respectful behaviour is expected during the lessons – between students and between students and teachers.

10. Students should let other household members know before they connect to a Video Conference as they will need some space/quiet for a period of time.

11. Pets can be a distraction if brought to a Video Conference, so students should leave them to enjoy other pet activities while they are at a Video Conference.

12. The Use of Headphones and a separate Microphone will assist in the quality of sound (this could be as simple as a pair of earphones that come with a smartphone that has a built in microphone) - but please note - this is not a requirement for joining a Video Conference.

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